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Harrison Township Economic and Real Estate Statistics

  • - Population: 24,929
  • - Unemployment Rate: 4.6%
  • - Median Income: 54,501
  • - Median Age: 23
  • - Zipcode(s): 48045

Industrial Buildings:

  • - Total Industrial Building Square Feet: 1,864,908
  • - Square Feet Industrial Under Construction: 0
Harrison Township's Industrial Buildings Graph

Office Buildings:

  • - Total Office Building Square Feet: 57,507
  • - Square Feet Office Under Construction: 0
Harrison Township's Office Buildings Graph


Links to more info

City of Harrison Township website:  http://www.harrison-township.org/

Harrison Township Zoning map:    http://www.harrison-township.org/departments/planning_and_zoning/docs/Final%20Proof%20Zoning%20Map%20Nov%202015.pdf

Know about Harrison Township

One of the largest cities in the region, Harrison Township is located in Southeast Michigan. The beautiful city is located along the Detroit River and nestled along the St. Clair Shores. The city is known for its amazing cultural attractions, innovative boutiques and shopping districts. The lively city has become the business hub, especially over the last few decades.

Harrison Township - Population

The latest statistics revealed that the current population of Harrison Township is 24,929. The modern city has a population density of 1,742 people per square mile. The median age is 44.6 years in Harrison Township, which is significantly higher than the country’s median age of 37.4. The average number of people per household is 2.2 in Harrison Township, whereas the national average is 2.6.

According to current demographic, the city has 83.4 % white citizens. Moreover, there are 10 .2% African American, 0.2 % Asians, and 3.5 % Hispanics. The city has only 0.2% Native Americans.

Harrison Township Economy

Harrison Township has an unemployment rate of 5.6 %. It is higher than the average rate of the country, which is 5.2%. Median household income in Harrison Township is $54,501. Fortunately, the city has experienced a considerable growth in its job market. Over the last year, the job market has expanded by 1.8%. However, it still needs to improve to compete with the predicted future job growth rate of the country in the next ten years.

Despite the lower future job growth rate, Harrison Township is welcoming entrepreneurs and stakeholders to establish businesses in the city. This is what makes Harrison Township a growing business city in Michigan. A resident in Harrison Township can earn an average income of up to $31,922.

Housing Cost in Harrison Township

Harrison Township has an average median housing cost of $181,600. The home appreciation rate in Harrison Township has been around 23.4 % over the last ten years. The average rate of home appreciation in the city is 8.6%.

There is a diverse range of unoccupied commercial and industrial properties in Harrison Township. Approximately 10.3% of properties are vacant in the city. Plus, the town has 27.2% renters, making it an ideal place to settle down. If you are looking for a suitable commercial place to move in, our real estate agents can professionally guide you.

Office Buildings in Harrison Township

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Office buildings occupy an area of 57,507 square feet in Harrison Township. Plus, the city has no areas that are under construction. Our competent real estate agents have years of experience when it comes to selling office spaces. They handle occupancy matters the right way, helping clients buy their desired property.

Industrial Area

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In Harrison Township, industrial buildings cover an area of 1,864,908 square feet. There are no under construction areas. Harrison Township has an extensive industrial land, making the cultural city a good starting place for growing business. Providing clients all the relevant information of industrial land in Harrison Township, our real estate experts ensure our clients makes a worthy investment.

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