What’s your commercial property
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What’s my building worth?

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What is Your Office, Industrial, Multi-Family or Retail Building Worth?

One of the most common questions that our clients ask our experts is how much their real estate is worth. What often follows this question is a conversation about how much profit our clients will be able to make on their investment, something that we can especially help you with. We can offer you with reliable sources that can tell us about the value of your investment. After we confirm the price and take a variety of different factors into consideration, we come to a decision that will greatly improve your chances of getting the best price for your property in the shortest amount of time.

Sale Leaseback

Leaseback is an effective tool that most entrepreneurs and business owners take advantage of for a multitude of different reasons. Whether you wish to invest in other real estate assets in order to save yourself from alternative debt or simply want more money that you can pump back into your business, our company can help you. We have ties with various investors that are often interested in sale leaseback transactions, making the process of freeing up capital a lot less tedious.

BOV Fees

We provide free broker opinion’s of value if you are looking to lease or sell space in the future.  This service will give you a better idea of your buildings worth in today’s market.  Give us a call today to put us to work.