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Utica Economic and Real Estate Statistics

  • - Population: 4,942
  • - Unemployment Rate: 5.6%
  • - Median Income: 45,369
  • - Median Age: 43
  • - Zipcode(s): 48315. 48316, 48317, 48318

Industrial Buildings:

  • - Total Industrial Building Square Feet: 90,734
  • - Square Feet Industrial Under Construction: 0
Utica's Industrial Buildings Graph

Office Buildings:

  • - Total Office Building Square Feet: 226,452
  • - Square Feet Office Under Construction: 0
Utica's Office Buildings Graph


Links to more info

City of Utica website: http://www.cityofutica.org/

Utica Zoning map: http://www.cityofutica.org/government/docs/Utica%20Zoning%20Map%2010.17.pdf

Utica Population

According to the recent statistics, Utica has a population of 4,942. On the indices of population density and diversity, the city is ranked in the upper quartile as compared to other cities in Michigan.

On average, there are 2.2 people per household. Most of its area is unpopulated. The median age of the residents is 43 years. Almost 8.9% of Utica population comprises White Americans while 5% are Blacks.

Utica Economy

The unemployment rate in Utica is 5.6%, which is a bit higher than the 5.2% in the country. The per capita income is $26,584 while the average income of each household is $45,369. There has been a positive trend in the recent job market with a 1.76% growth rate, which is comparatively higher than the 1.59% growth rate in the country.

It means that the place offers good opportunities for employment for new settlers with a major focus on management, business and finance sectors.

Cost of Housing in Utica

In Utica, the cost of housing, on average, is $174,700 while the home appreciation rate during the past 10 years has been approximately 23.5%. It has seen an increasing trend and the rate of 7.4% is impressive.

Approximately 40.1% of the population in Utica lives in rental homes. This offers a golden opportunity for rental housing. We can help you find the best Utica rental homes at the most affordable prices in your desired area. About 8.5% of residential real estate in Utica is still unoccupied.

Utica Industrial Area

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Industrial buildings in Utica occupy around 90,734 square feet of the total area while there is no industrial area under construction. If you are searching for a good investment in Utica’s industrial land, our experts can help you find the best place that fits your budget and requirements.

Utica Office Buildings

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Office buildings in Utica cover around 226,452 square feet of the total land while there is no area under construction. Our experienced real estate experts have in-depth knowledge about the city and know where to find the ideal office place for your use or investment. With our help, you can locate the perfect office space to buy or to get it on rent.

Commute to Work in Utica

The commute timings have been increasing every year in the US due to rising population density and an increasing number of vehicles on the roads. On average, one-sided commute to work takes around 26 minutes in Utica.

Nearly 88% of the population drive their own vehicle alone to work while 6% carpool with other people. Just 1% of the population use the mass transit system.

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