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Warren Economic and Real Estate Statistics

  • - Population: 155,358
  • - Unemployment Rate: 6.8%
  • - Median Income: 43,500
  • - Median Age: 39
  • - Zipcode(s): 48088, 48089, 48090, 48091, 48092, 48093, 48397

Industrial Buildings:

  • - Total Industrial Building Square Feet: 43,878,284
  • - Square Feet Industrial Under Construction: 0
Warren's Industrial Buildings Graph

Office Buildings:

  • - Total Office Building Square Feet: 3,599,584
  • - Square Feet Office Under Construction: 1,774
Warren's Office Buildings Graph


Links to more info

City of Warren website:  http://www.cityofwarren.org/

Warren Zoning map:  https://www.cityofwarren.org/images/stories/planning/zoning-maps/NEW%20June%202007%20-%20Zoning%20Atlas%20Reduced%20Size.pdf

Warren is the largest city in the Macomb County and the third largest city in the State of Michigan. It is also the largest suburb in Metro Detroit, and has some of the best attractions out of all the cities in Michigan.

Before becoming the city of Warren, the original settlement was called the Beebe’s Corners. During 1830 and 1838, Beebe’s Corners received a variety of different names from its residents, such as Hickory and Aba, until the residents finally settled on the name Warren after a veteran from the war of 1812 Abel Warren. While this is the most popular theory about the source of the name, there is another theory that this city was named after General Joseph Warren who passed at the Battle of Bunker Hill.

Warren Culture

The culture in the city of Warren is also very diverse, as initially the Italian American Cultural Society was locate in Warren.

Warren - Demographics

The total population of Warren is approximately 155,000, and the median age is 39 age. The unemployment rate is also quite less compared to other cities at only 6.8%. The median household income is also quite good with $43,500.

The racial makeup for the city of warren is also very diverse with 78.4% of the population being white, and the second highest population being African American at 13.5%. Other races include 4.6% Asians and 2.6% from other races; this makes Warren one of the most diverse cities in the state of Michigan. Moreover, thanks to the massive population, the city of Warren is the third largest city in Michigan, and the largest city in Macomb County.

The per capita income in the city of Warren is approximately $23,000, and the poverty level in the city is approximately 19%, which is 7% higher than the national average. The socioeconomic situation in Warren is also very diverse with a wide variety of people belonging to the middle class, but only few people from the upper class.

Living in Warren

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Housing in Warren is one of the best of all of the cities in the state of Michigan. Nearly 69.7% of the population in Warren has their own house, which is made a lot easier thanks to the modest median housing cost of $102,000.

Industrial Buildings in Warren

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Other than being an immensely populated city, it also has one of the largest dedicated industrial building spaces in the state of Michigan. The total dedicated space for industrial buildings in Warren is approximately 43 million square feet. While the city of Warren has a very large space dedicated to industrial buildings, the city is no longer working on expanding it further.

Office Buildings in Warren

Office buildings in Warren also manage to take up a considerably large space. With almost 3.6 million square feet of dedicated space, there are a large number of opportunities in the city of Warren. This dedicated space is also actively expanding with over 1000 square feet of area currently under construction.

Warren Workforce

60.2% of the total population of Warren works in various companies and firms across the city. This workforce is also highly educated as over 85% of the population is educated.

Commute to work in Warren

Given the massive population and high traffic in the city, the travel time of 24 minutes makes perfect sense. While there is a plethora of different options when it comes to public transport, traffic is not a very big issue in Warren; so, most people tend to travel with their own transportation. The number of vehicles in each house is similar to the national average, which is two.

Real Estate in Warren

Warren is a great place for anyone to invest in commercial real estate. Whether you are an entrepreneur looking for a small office to start your business, or a large firm looking for potential assets, Warren is a great place to start. Looking for potential commercial real estate can be very hard, especially in cities that you are not familiar with. Allow us to help you make that decision a little easier as we have ties with various sellers, and will be able to help you negotiate a good deal.

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