Tenant Representation

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The Tenant Representation Process

  • Evaluation of the needs and the requirements of the clients, as well as taking into consideration their office culture and what they require from the property
  • Finding the best location keep in mind the needs of the client
  • Create a survey that will look for properties in the market as well as outside the market that meet the needs of the client
  • Arrange tours of the property
  • Proper technical and financial analysis of the property
  • Assisting with space planning as well construction bids
  • Negotiating the proper terms for the property
  • Following up on the agreements and negotiations regarding the property

Benefits of using a Tenant Representative

  • A tenant representative will negotiate your terms with the landlord in order to ensure the best deal
  • They will help you find the perfect location that will cater to your needs
  • They will use their resources to find properties that are not currently in the market as well as those that are in the market
  • They also have access to updated information about certain areas
  • They will allocate space that your business needs, not more nor less
  • They will help you make a more informed choice in the case of leasing or purchasing a property
  • A tenant representative will allow you to properly concentrate on your business without having to worry about real estate complications
tenant representation process 

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Leasing Services in Macomb

At Macomb Commercial Real Estate, we guarantee a commitment to customer satisfaction and provide superior services that are dedicated toward fulfilling the client requirements.

We follow thorough assessment procedures to finalize your options. This includes tours, technical and financial analyses of the property and negotiations on behalf of our clients. With Macomb CRE, your efforts are minimal and the outcomes are immensely profitable.

Given our connections throughout the state of Michigan and our experience as realtors, we present the best commercial real estate for their purposes. Our teams are some of the best in the industry.

Let us help you turn your commercial rental property into a high-demand space with the best leasing services within the Macomb real estate market!