Listing your Commercial Property with Us

If you have the need to sell or lease your Macomb County industrial building, office or commercial space please contact us before you do.  We feel in todays age most companies start their search for commercial property online. This is why we focus on internet marketing along with traditional avenues to move properties.  When you are ready we would love to show you what we do different.

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What we offer

Detailed marketing with floor plans

We understand potential buyers and tenants need to see the layout of a property even before touring, which is why we always provide our clients with a proper floor plan.  We work with professional space planners to unsure accuracy and create usable floor plans if non are provided by the client as part of our marketing process.

New Commercial Building

Outstanding Photography

Photo’s are the first thing everyone looks at and are a very important part of our online marketing strategy.  Most commercial brokers will take a single exterior picture and call it good.  We believe this would be a disservice to our clients.  We understand the better a property looks creates more buyer/tenant interest.  Our digital team will also enhance each picture for advertising purposes and to improve the image quality so that details are as vivid as visible.

Drone Photography

Thanks to various advancements in technology made in the current generation, normal cameras simply don’t cut it. So in order to help you make a better decision, our photography team uses drones to get massive landscape pictures.  On some occasions, we also provide aerial footage from inside industrial buildings giving clients the opportunity to fly through the space.


Macombcre website

Every business needs a website that can give its customers all of the information they require as well as show off their property to various interested parties. Our website always manages to make it to the top ten search results on various search engines. Seeing how most companies first begin their search for the perfect office space online, we understand that it is important for our website to reach the top 10 search results. Give us the chance to show you how our website outperforms the competition and gives your property the edge that it deserves.

More Exposure online

Pay per Click google adverting, Local MLS, Costar,,, and

We find it can can be very difficult to find our competitors listings online.  We strive to be on to of google searches in organic and paid advertising along with our social media presence.  


Constant communication

Unlike our competition who you may not hear from after getting the listing agreement signed, we provide weekly updates over the phone or email along with monthly status reports.  Try finding that with our competitors.

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