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New Baltimore Economic and Real Estate Statistics

  • - Population: 12,354
  • - Unemployment Rate: 5.6%
  • - Median Income: 80,762
  • - Median Age: 40
  • - Zipcode(s): 48047, 48051

Industrial Buildings:

  • - Total Industrial Building Square Feet: 574,774
  • - Square Feet Industrial Under Construction: 0
New Baltimore's Industrial Buildings Graph

Office Buildings:

  • - Total Office Building Square Feet: 181,751
  • - Square Feet Office Under Construction: 0
New Baltimore's Office Buildings Graph


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Know about New Baltimore

New Baltimore was officially incorporated as a city in 1931. The city shares its borderline with St. Clair   and Macomb counties as it is located on the coastline of St. Clair Lake. The beautiful city lies on the waterfront and includes a number of downtown shopping districts, beaches and parks. The waterfront city, due to its increasing business market, has become a growing suburbia.

New Baltimore - Population

New Baltimore’s current population is 12,354 with a population density of 2,681 per square mile. The average median age in the city is 40, which is higher than the average median age in the U.S. The city has 2.7 people per household while the country’s average is 2.6.

Official Census declared New Baltimore the 72nd largest city in Michigan. The median income of a household in New Baltimore is $80, 762 while the mean household income goes up to $86,304.94.7% of the population comprises white citizens whereas only 1% is black. The Hispanic ethnicity is only 2.0% in New Baltimore.

New Baltimore - Cultural Landscape

New Baltimore is popular for its inner harbor and its nautical heritage. Not only this, the city provides amazing sports facilities. Experiencing the cultural landscape of New Baltimore is worth it.

Whether it is the Baltimore Symphony, situated under the Marin Alsop, art museums or the city’s ever-growing theater, New Baltimore makes an ideal cultural hub. It has art and entertainment districts that do not only invite tourist, but also businessmen from all over the country. Moreover, the beautiful city is home to many striking statues, monuments and architecture.

Climate in New Baltimore

Baltimore receives about 33 inches of annual rainfall while the national average rainfall is 39 inches per year. The city receives 32 inches of snowfall per year, which is higher than the national average. There are 183 sunny days per year on average in New Baltimore which makes it a perfect city for people who like hot climate.

Summer temperature goes up to 83 degrees in July while winter low is 18 degrees in January. New Baltimore’s comfort index is 46 while the US has an average comfort index of 54.

 New Baltimore - Economy

The city employs 6,250 people while the current unemployment rate is 5.6%, which is higher than the U.S average rate. New Baltimore’s economy comprises manufacturing enterprises, public admin and management companies which employ 1.41 times more employees than its size and location.

The city’s job market has grown by 1.8% during the course of the last six months. The predicted future growth rate is 37.9%, which is lower than the average rate for the country. The average household income in New Baltimore is $80,762 a year while the national household income is $53,482 a year.

Housing Cost in New Baltimore

The average housing cost in New Baltimore is about $240,200. Home appreciation rate has been 34.6% over the last ten years. 4.4% of apartments and houses in the city are unoccupied. 16.4% of people rent homes in New Baltimore.

With a low living cost and a variety of business opportunities, New Baltimore can be a good option for people, especially ones who looking for commercial places for their startup. Our real estate agents, in this regard, have the extensive listings if you are looking to buy or rent an office space in New Baltimore.

 Office Buildings in New Baltimore

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Office buildings in New Baltimore occupy an area of 181,751 and there are no under construction buildings. Whether you are looking for a small office building for setting up your startup or want an industrial building, our estate agents can show you the spaces that perfectly accommodate your needs.

Industrial Buildings in New Baltimore

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Industrial buildings in New Baltimore cover an area of 574,774 square feet. There is no industrial building under construction.  If you are interested in renting or purchasing commercial buildings, our real estate agents can provide you with the best market knowledge and insights. Using their experience and skill, they can simplify the hectic and tedious property hunting process.

Commuting in New Baltimore

In New Baltimore, one-way commute takes only 21 minutes, which is shorter than the country’s average one-way commute. 73% of people drive their own vehicles while 7% of people work from their homes.




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