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Sterling Heights Economic and Real Estate Statistics

  • - Population:
  • - Unemployment Rate: %
  • - Median Income:
  • - Median Age: 41
  • - Zipcode(s): 48310, 48311, 48312, 48313, 48314

Industrial Buildings:

  • - Total Industrial Building Square Feet: 26,012,878
  • - Square Feet Industrial Under Construction: 880,280
Sterling Heights's Industrial Buildings Graph

Office Buildings:

  • - Total Office Building Square Feet: 3,459,313
  • - Square Feet Office Under Construction: 43,040
Sterling Heights's Office Buildings Graph


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Sterling Heights is one of the largest cities in the state of Michigan, both in terms of land mass and population. It is also one of the core suburbs of Detroit and is a vital part of the Macomb County.

Originally, Sterling Heights was a small township dedicated to growing crops for the city of Detroit. The city was known as the Jefferson Township in the early 1800s which was changed to Sterling Township by the residents.

The Township was formally incorporated as a city back in 1968 and the name was finally changed to Sterling Heights. This was done due to a state law that prevents municipalities from having the same township names.

Being the fourth largest city of Michigan, large areas of land within Sterling Heights are devoted to commercial and retail real estate development. Today, it has become home to thousands of industrial buildings and commercial businesses making it a vital part of the greater Detroit metropolitan area. The thriving city offers hundreds of listings for industrial spaces that are available for sale or lease for up and coming businesses all over the state.

Although Sterling Heights has become a flourishing industrial city there is a variety of different attractions that encourage tourists from all over the country to visit.

Sterling Heights - Demographics

Sterling Heights is the fourth largest city in Michigan and the second largest suburb in Metro Detroit, with a total of 129,000 residents and close to 35,000 families. As a result, Sterling Heights is a very densely populated city. Regardless of the large population of the city, Sterling Heights has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the entire country, which is only 3.3%. The per capita income is also very close to the national per capita income of $31,000, as it is an impressive $29,000.

Sterling Heights is also a very racially diverse city, with the largest demographic being whites at 85.1%, followed by Asians at 6.7%. Other ethnicities include 5.2% African American, 0.2% Native American, and 2.2% from two or more races, making Sterling Heights one of the most ethnically diverse cities in Michigan. The median household income is also very good, at a little over $60,000, and the median age is 41 years.

Living in Sterling Heights

Other than being densely populated, Sterling Heights also has great living standards. Over 70% of the people in Sterling Heights own their own homes, which is made easier thanks to the median price that is a little lower than $155,000.

There are a total of 49,000 households in Sterling Heights. The housing in Sterling Heights is incredibly accessible, and is evidenced by the large number of people who own houses. Not only is the housing accessible, but the houses are also constructed very well, which is why over 87% of the residents have stayed in their house for several years.

Industrial Buildings in Sterling Heights

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Industrial buildings in the city manage to take up a large portion of the city with over 26 million square feet of land dedicated to them. Other than the aforementioned space dedicated to industrial buildings, there is also about 900,000 square feet of area that is currently under construction.

Office Buildings in Sterling Heights

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While industrial buildings manage to take a large bulk of the area of the city, office spaces also take up a lot of area. In total office buildings in Sterling Heights occupy 3.5 million square feet, with almost 50,000 square feet currently under construction. Office spaces in Sterling Heights are also very reasonably priced, making it great for various small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Sterling Heights - Workforce

Approximately 61% of the population currently in Sterling Heights is employed in various companies across the city. This workforce is highly educated as well, as 86.3% of the population in Sterling Heights is educated.

Sterling Heights - Commute to Work

Regardless of the densely populated city, the commute to work is still quite good with an average of 25 minutes.

Real Estate in Sterling Heights

Sterling Heights is the fourth largest city in the state of Michigan, making it a great place for you to invest in commercial real estate. Investing in a city that you are not familiar with can be quite risky; so, allow us to help you find real estate that is best for you. Our experts will help you in evaluating the property that is best suited for your company, and will help you negotiate a deal that is mutually beneficial.

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