Investing in an Industrial Space: A Guide for First Time Investors

The global economy has come to a standstill as business activity is at a standstill due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Markets are crashing because buyers are under state-enforced lockdowns and sellers are prohibited from carrying out business as usual.

Seeing the current situation, economists feared the onset of a recession very soon. The economic downturn doesn’t bring glad tidings for businesses in all sectors, save the prudent few who chose to invest as a hedge against economic uncertainty.

Investing in real estate has emerged as a safe option for storing wealth in times of a financial crisis. Since real estate investment fulfills many investor needs and is also less sensitive to volatility, it outperforms other forms of investment. Ensuring a stable income during a sluggish cycle, it’s the best way to protect your assets during a recession.

When it comes to property, industrial spaces are the most lucrative assets. Here’s a guide that’ll help first-time investors.

What’s Industrial Real Estate

It’s a form of commercial property that includes spaces such as factories, depots, warehouses, manufacturing plants, and storage and distribution labs. Among other investment assets, industrial real estate has a charm of its own, since it offers low cost and high returns.

Typically providing a stable flow of income, industrial real estate is inexpensive to operate and manage. Since it offers an appealing investment opportunity, investors have popularly chosen it above stocks and bonds.

What to Look for In Industrial Real Estate Before Investing

Local news sources have confirmed that there’s an abundance of vacant industrial spaces in Macomb County. While the supply is plentiful, investors are warned to perform due diligence before investing in a property. Here’s what to look for.

Height of the Warehouse

Known as the clear height, the vertical distance between the ground and the ceiling of a warehouse is important to note. This detail—if overlooked—becomes a structural obstruction later on, while loading and stacking inventories.

Empty Warehouse


This should be your golden rule of investment. The location of the industrial space that you’re looking at is a crucial detail. It determines the fuel expenses of transporting goods. You want your warehouse to be closest to ports, docks, expressways and main roads.

Land Area

As simple as it sounds, the space that the warehouse offers decides how much inventory can be stocked in it at a time. The more land area it offers, the better it is (for business). Excess land can also be converted into a parking space or extra storage.

Where to Search for Property Listings

You’ve come to the right place because we offer commercial property for lease in Macomb. We have property listings of industrial spaces that you can buy for storage or business. Call us at 586-227-9515 for more details.

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