Your Macomb County Real Estate Options: Retail, Industrial, and More

Commercial property

Macomb County is home to a host of different commercial real estate options for business owners and investors. Savvy business owners and commercial real estate investors have a good sense of what properties to get their hands on.

If you aren’t sure of the kind of commercial properties out there, we’ve prepared this guide.


Retail properties house retailers and restaurants. Retail establishments can either be multi-tenanted or single-use buildings. Multi-tenanted properties usually have an anchor tenant that draws in clients and customers to the property.

Retail properties tend to be either strip centers, power centers, community retail centers, out parcels, or regional malls.


Industrial properties cater to businesses’ industrial needs. They are typically located out of populated urban areas and can have many tenants. Industrial buildings are constructed according to industrial purpose. They can either be heavy manufacturing, light assembly, flex, industrial, bulk warehouse, or research and development.


When it comes to office buildings, you have two main kinds: urban and suburban.

Urban office buildings include high-rise properties and skyscrapers. Suburban offices, on the other hand, tend to be smaller in size and stature and are often grouped together in office parks.

Office buildings are categorized or ranked in three tiers—Class A, Class B, and Class C.

Class A office properties are the best of its kind. They rent above average in the area and are ideally located.

Class B offices have fair to good furnishings and the average rent for the area.

Class C buildings can have dilapidated furnishings and fixtures and tend to be located in unfavorable areas.

Office building


Multifamily properties cover residential real estate that excludes single-family. This means that apartments, co-ops, condos, and townhouses all fall under multifamily real estate. Just as office buildings are classified by three tiers, so are multifamily buildings.

Multifamily apartment rental properties primarily include high-rise apartments, mid-rise apartments, and garden apartments.


Special purpose commercial properties are buildings that don’t fall into any of these categories. They are usually owned by commercial real estate investors. Amusement parks, self-storage, bowling alleys, and churches are examples of special-purpose properties.

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