Top Tips to Negotiate Like a Pro When Buying Commercial Real Estate

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Buying commercial real estate is a tricky investment, especially if you’re new to real estate investment. Most people start off investing in single family units and residential real estate, because commercial real estate requires more scrutiny and effort. It also promises greater returns and more opportunity though, which is why it’s definitely worth the risk.

Investing in commercial real estate without the help of a professional is not recommended because a broker or agent would be able to help you accurately determine the value of a property, what to look out for and what devalues the property in order to get the best possible deal on it.

When considering buying commercial property, several factors can help you get the most out of the situation.

A broker would know their client’s needs and requirements before going through with the deal, which means their job then becomes bringing the other party on board for it, or at least meeting halfway. It’s not an easy feat by any means to be able to see eye to eye with another party that primarily has their own interests at heart.


In fact, when dealing with another agent or directly with an owner, there can be disputes and disagreements based on the owner’s motivation to sell—if they’re in no rush to sell, they’ll be in no rush to break either.

This is why professionals like agents from Macomb Commercial Real Estate who know the business inside out, are almost necessary. Be open and clear with your broker about what your goals and expectations as well as restrictions are so they can go into the deal with as much clarity as possible. Do you have the financial grit to pay $4 million up front? Or is $3.5 million where you settle and not a penny more? Don’t overestimate your own capabilities—you’ll most likely be paying off bank loans for this property.

Brokers also have the advantage of having access to property listings in a particular region where they operate, like macomb land for sale or more specifically commercial real estate in Clinton Twp, along with the value of each property. So you can look for what’s within your budget as opposed to going off on a whim. You’ll also be able to specify what you’re looking for; a multifamily unit, an office building or just raw land, even the location whether it’s in the town square or an industrial space for lease in Warren. See what’s make or break for you.

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Keep options open so you’re not limited and bound down to a single place, you’ll have more room to walk away and bargain for lower rates if you have backups. Investigate, research and inspect your property with your agent and trust each other before sealing the deal.

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